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Statement of Mayor Don Plusquellic


Lockheed Martinís Plan to Close Akron Operations

City of Akron Press Release
Published: 11-14-2013


          Akron, Ohio (November 14, 2013) – My first thought this morning was sadness for the over 500 people and their families that will be impacted by Lockheed Martin’s decision to close operations in Akron.  My office will work with the County to make sure that those impacted are getting all the resources and information they need during this trying time.  And, I am angry that our citizens are being affected by the irresponsible conduct of certain legislators in Washington, who cannot see that their inability to govern has very real consequences for our people, and so many others around the country.

          Lockheed Martin’s announcement today is not a reflection on our City, County, Region, or State, but rather an unfortunate sign of the politics and consequences of the political games played in D.C., and a direct result of the Federal Budget Sequestration.  This is about what is happening in Washington with the irresponsible Tea Party legislators who think their game-playing has no consequences.

           This was never an issue about competition; never about what Akron can offer versus what another location can offer.  The City, the County, the State of Ohio, and the Akron Chamber… we have all done everything possible to make sure Lockheed is on solid ground in Akron.    We worked diligently with Lockheed, not just in the past month since it was announced they may shut down, but for many, many years.  And, we have consistently and repeatedly extended to Lockheed every possible measure of support that we can.  In fact, Lockheed’s Akron facility was planning an expansion and was in the process of hiring when recent rumors of its closing started popping up. 

          I know this is little comfort to the 500 families affected and it does not compensate for the loss, but if the closure happens, we will work to make sure these industrial and manufacturing sites are put to the best use possible with viable companies that will provide job opportunities for our residents.  


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