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City Selects International Consulting Firm


Firm will Oversee Development and Implementation of Integrated Plan

City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of stephanie york
Published: 09-11-2014


Local Project Manager, G. Stephens Inc., to Serve as Primary Sub-Consultant

                  The City of Akron has selected an international consulting firm that has significant experience in managing long-term control plans with the U.S. EPA to oversee Akron’s $1.4 billion program to meet federal clean water standards.

          MWH Global, headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, has managed projects in a number of U.S. cities to correct combined sewer overflows (CSO), including Atlanta, Baltimore and Indianapolis. The company is a global leader in water and natural resources and provides strategic consulting and technical engineering for environmental and construction projects from its 180 global offices in 35 different countries.

          “I’ve had the opportunity to meet every major company working in this field,” said Plusquellic, a former president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors. “MWH has an outstanding record of serving the needs of communities and being among the most innovative problem solvers working today in this environment.”

          Michael Musgrave, a vice president with MWH, will head the Akron project. Musgrave assisted Indianapolis in successfully implementing an “Integrated Plan” in 2010, which allowed the city to become the first city in the nation to modify its agreement with the EPA to include increased environmental benefits for less cost using private-industry techniques of value engineering. In Indianapolis, MWH saved the city $740 million, and satisfied federal government regulators sooner than planned.

          “I’m looking forward to working with a high-quality team that Akron has already assembled,” said Musgrave. “We will not only meet the challenges put in place by the EPA and the federal court, but we will become an important part of the community  – making Akron a more sustainable city and creating jobs as part of this important program.”

          Last December, Plusquellic announced that the City was withdrawing its Long Term Control Plan (LTCP) that had been pending in federal court for over two years in order to take advantage of new U.S. EPA rules that allow cities under consent decrees an opportunity to develop an “Integrated Plan.” Such plans allow options including “green solutions” that can make CSO remediation more affordable.

          Akron has been working to find an acceptable and cost effective way to deal with combined sewer overflows since 1993. Plusquellic introduced a comprehensive plan to address the issue in 2002, but was prevented by the U.S.EPA from moving forward. In 2008, the City, the U.S. EPA, and the Ohio EPA reached an agreement that was rejected by the court. In 2011 an agreed-upon LTCP was submitted, and eventually approved, with costs estimated to be $1.4 billion.

          Plusquellic also announced today that a local project manager, G. Stephens Inc., will work as the primary sub-consultant to MWH. Founded in 1992 by Glen Stephens, the company, headquartered in Akron, is a full-service construction and project management firm with offices in four Ohio cities and Pittsburgh.

          Akron has continued working on projects to improve CSO control. In 2013, the Mayor announced a program to train and employ Akron residents in the project. Nineteen CSO Equipment Operators have received training on heavy equipment, and five have already started working. Many of the workers have been assigned to the construction of the Mud Run Pump Station in southwest Akron, and a Storage Basin Project at the Little Cuyahoga River near Cascade Village.  Training was provided at no cost, with a requirement to work for the City for at least 90 days.

          In March, Plusquellic announced that the City itself would start the project using city workers to do surveys, site work, and cleaning and maintenance of roadways.



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