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Firefighter Union Votes To Allow Promotions Agreement To Go To Federal Court Monitor


City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of Stephanie York
Published: 11-14-2014

            Akron, Ohio (November 14, 2014) -  Yesterday, the Firefighter Union, Local 330 voted to ratify a Memorandum of Agreement (Agreement) that would permit numerous promotions in the fire department based on seniority and educational requirements, which was the result of many months of negotiations between Union President Russ Brode and Deputy Mayor Randy Briggs to settle a grievance.  The Agreement passed with 70% of the Union's members voting in favor of the Agreement. 

               The Agreement settles a grievance filed by the Union, which alleged a violation of the collective bargaining agreement for failure to promote, among other things.  This Agreement has to now be approved by the court monitor in the ongoing Howe v City of Akron federal court case.  However, this is a major step toward initiating promotions within the fire department for the first time in a decade. 

 “I am extremely pleased that the firefighters have finally approved an agreement," stated Mayor Don Plusquellic.  “We have worked over many years, and have proposed numerous ways to make fair promotions for the benefit of the citizens of Akron, as well as for the safety of our firefighters. That is why I give Union President Russ Brode and Deputy Mayor Randy Briggs real credit because they worked tirelessly over the past several months to work out an agreement that would both satisfy the Union’s concerns about the promotional process and fulfill the City’s need to fill the vacant supervisory positions that have been temporarily filled for the past decade.  With the City's charter provision 'Rule of 3' being part of the Agreement, individual firefighters with seniority and training may be passed over if the individual lacks managerial skills.  The Chief and his staff would make these decisions, as they always have during the past 28 years that I have been Mayor.  The firefighters, by passing this Agreement by such a wide margin, clearly recognize that the Agreement is best for the fire department, its brethren, and the citizens of Akron."

            Based on a previous court ruling by Judge Adams, the Agreement has to be approved by the Court appointed monitor before the City makes any promotions based on the Agreement. 



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