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Mayor and Police Chief Seek Nationwide Policy Change


Proposed Changes Would Allow FBI to Investigate Police/Civilian Shootings

City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of stephanie york
Published: 08-20-2014

          Akron, Ohio (August 20, 2014) – Two weeks ago, Mayor Plusquellic and Police Chief James Nice sent a letter to  officials in the FBI and other federal officials asking them to take action with respect to changing the federal government’s policy as it relates to local police investigations involving police officer shootings.   At that time, the request was for a pilot project for Akron.

          In the letter, they note that there is a strong need to instill confidence in the community and having the FBI step in upon notification of a police/civilian shooting immediately deflates a potentially volatile situation and dispels all notions of unfair or unequal treatment by the public.

          “At a time when tensions are high, facts are assumed and oft times inaccurate, and ‘police haters’ are active, swift action by an authoritative unbiased third-party is imperative,” said Mayor Don Plusquellic.

       Yesterday, the Mayor sent another letter, this time directed to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, President U.S. Conference of Mayors, and Mr. Marc Morial, President/CEO of the National Urban League.  This letter requested support and help in bringing about a nationwide policy change to help communities across the country.

          “I strongly believe that laws and policies can and should be changed so that the FBI automatically has the authority to insert themselves in these serious matters,” noted Mayor Plusquellic in his letter.  “Over my 28 years as Mayor, I have personally made calls asking the FBI to take over cases where there were police/civilian shootings so that our citizens can see that local control has been relinquished to the federal government to dispel the outcry of unfair or biased treatment.  Such an independent review would also protect police officers who are fulfilling their lawful duties from false accusations.  In each case, the FBI did not step in for various reasons including lack of jurisdiction or authority.”

          Shortly after the Mayor sent out the letter yesterday, Morial responded agreeing wholeheartedly that “this change makes the very best sense,” and offered to join in the Mayor’s cause.




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