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Mayor Horrigan Announces Upcoming Changes in Cabinet and Staff


John Moore retiring as Director of Public Service; Eufrancia Lash (Deputy Director of Public Service and Neighborhood Assistance) and Frank Williams (Assistant to the Mayor for Labor Relations) join the administration

City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of Ellen Lander Nischt
Published: 11-26-2019

Akron, Ohio, November 26, 2019 Mayor Dan Horrigan is announcing some upcoming changes within his cabinet and staff. 

Effective January 8, 2020, John Moore, Director of Public Service, is retiring from the City after more than 35 years of service. Moore started his career with the City of Akron in 1983 as an intern in the Planning Department and worked his way through the ranks to Zoning Division Manager. He served as Director of Planning and Urban Development from January 2009 to December 2012, when he was appointed Director of Public Service.

“John Moore has devoted his professional career to making Akron a better place,” Mayor Dan Horrigan said. “He has taken on the role of Service Director during a pivotal, and often challenging, period in Akron’s history–as we navigate a billion-dollar federally-mandated upgrade to our sewer system. John chooses his words carefully, earns the respect of those around him, and embodies the highest ideals of public service. On behalf of the employees and citizens of Akron, I thank John for his distinguished service to our community and wish him the best in his well-earned retirement.” 

Chris Ludle, currently the Deputy Director of Public Service, will succeed Moore as Director of Public Service, where he will oversee the Engineering, Public Works, Sewer, and Water Bureaus. Ludle began his service to the City of Akron in 2004 as a Mechanical Inspector in the Building Inspection Division, after 12 years of working in the private sector. In 2007, Ludle joined the City’s Sewer Maintenance Division where he gained firsthand experience managing projects within the City’s CSO program. Ludle was appointed acting Highway Maintenance Superintendent in the Public Works Bureau in 2014, and Deputy Director of Public Service in 2015.

Additionally, Mayor Horrigan is taking steps toward better re-integration of the core neighborhood services housed under both the Public Service and Neighborhood Assistance departments.  Mayor Horrigan is aligning the leadership and functions of these offices under a unified team comprised of Ludle and Director of Neighborhood Assistance John Valle. Neighborhood Assistance currently encompasses Housing, Nuisance Compliance, the Vacant Building Registry, and the Mayor’s 3-1-1 Action Center, and Housing & Community Services, where over 70 % of requests are for Public Service matters (leaves, snow, trash/recycling, streets, water, sewer etc.). By integrating decision-making, the two departments will be better able to share data, direct resources, and manage services performed in our neighborhoods. This step will not result in any layoffs or personnel loss in either department.

To round out the leadership team, Eufrancia Lash will join the City of Akron as Deputy Director of Public Service and Neighborhood Assistance. Lash brings a diverse background and extensive experience in non-profit and service management, business development, and project management, including call center supervision. Lash currently serves as Director of Supportive Services with Alpha Phi Alpha Homes, where he manages the hiring and training of staff, and the planning, development, and implementation of programming for senior residents.  Lash holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Organizational Communications from University of Akron. 

“This unified leadership team is part of my vision to continually improve communication, coordination, and customer experience,” Mayor Horrigan said. “Public Service and Neighborhood Assistance both deliver services designed to keep our neighborhoods clean and livable. This move represents a step in the direction of greater efficiency--using technology and integrated processes to achieve better outcomes for residents.”

In addition to the leadership progression in Public Service, Mayor Horrigan is pleased to announce some additional changes within his administration. Mayor Horrigan has appointed Frank Williams to the position of Assistant to the Mayor for Labor Relations, in preparation for the eventual retirement of Deputy Mayor for Labor Relations Randy Briggs. Williams has served the Akron Police Department for 28 years, most recently as President of Fraternal Order of Police Akron Lodge #7. Williams has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice / Political Science from the University of Akron. In his position, Williams will assist Briggs in overseeing employment contracts on behalf of the city, and handling day-to-day labor issues between the unions and the City.

Additionally, Mayor Horrigan is announcing a transition in the Chief of Staff position.  As anticipated, beginning in 2020, Deputy Mayor James Hardy will focus solely on building the Office of Integrated Development, where he leads the City’s economic development, planning, downtown operations, and recreation and parks divisions. Succeeding Hardy in the role of Chief of Staff/Deputy Mayor for Administration is Annie McFadden, who has served as Deputy Chief of Staff since 2016.  As Chief of Staff, McFadden will oversee all functions of the Mayor's Office, manage messaging and communications for the City, and oversee strategic initiatives and special projects out of the Mayor’s Office including financial empowerment, the 2020 Census, and Age-Friendly Akron.

City of Akron Press Secretary, Ellen Lander Nischt, Esq. will assume the additional title of Senior Strategic Counsel, where she will bring together her experience and roles in law, policy and public relations. Nischt will continue to serve as spokesperson for the City, as well as support, coordinate and communicate the City’s legislative, strategic, and operational goals and initiatives, both internally and externally.

Finally, Tamiyka Rose, the City’s Health Equity Ambassador will add the title of Assistant to the Mayor for Public Policy.  In her new role she will represent Mayor Horrigan and the City of Akron in policy matters and relationships at the state and federal level and continue to lead Akron’s efforts to decrease racial and ethnic disparities, particularly in premature births and infant mortality.

For further information, contact:
Ellen Lander Nischt
Press Secretary
Phone: 330-375-2325
E-mail: [email protected]

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