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Precautionary Water Boil Advisory Lifted for Portions of Kenmore and Coventry Township


City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of Annie McFadden
Published: 07-23-2020

Akron, Ohio, July 23, 2020 (3:00 PM) - The City of Akron’s boil water advisory for Akron Water customers in portions of Kenmore neighborhood and Coventry Township has now been lifted.  Yesterday (Wednesday, July 22), the City issued a precautionary boil water advisory for portions of the Kenmore neighborhood and Coventry Township following a water main break in the area. Water testing completed over the past 24 hours has confirmed the drinking water is safe.  EPA regulations require the City to perform testing over a 24 hour period to ensure that the drinking water is safe before a precautionary boil water advisory can be lifted. Customers are no longer required to boil their drinking water or take any special precautions. Water is safe to consume and can be used normally.  The advisory is associated with a water main break on a 24” water line near 267 North Firestone Blvd. that broke Tuesday evening, July 21, 2020, causing reduced water pressure for customers in portions of the Kenmore neighborhood of Akron and Coventry Township.  The City of Akron has since restored pressures in the affected area and completed the repair.

Questions should be directed to Akron Water Distribution Dispatch at (330) 375-2420.   

For further information, contact:
Annie McFadden
Press Secretary
Phone: 330-375-2325
E-mail: [email protected]

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