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Big Day of Serving Returning to Akron


Second Event This Year

City of Akron Press Release
Published: 10-01-2014

       On Saturday, October 4, around 100 students and adults will converge in Akron to bring renewal and assistance to its citizens and community. It’s called “The Big Day of Serving” - a series of one-day events across the nation where neighborhoods are transformed by Christian youth groups and churches eager to help people in need and bring real, transformational change to a neighborhood and community.  The event was also held in Akron this past spring and it was extremely successful.

          Akron will be the first city hosting this event this fall, with other cities including Grand Rapids, MI, Kansas City, MO and Bridgeport, CT., following suit. The projects are created in accordance with the City's needs, such as painting, landscaping, cleaning and beautifying city blocks, alleyways, and parks. Depending on the area, some volunteers may be removing graffiti and cleaning vacant lots. The cumulative attendance of all of the events is expected to be over one thousand volunteers.

          Participants are coming from all over Ohio and its neighboring states, having registered to serve as families, youth ministries, small groups, adult Sunday school classes, women’s groups, and men’s groups. Each has registered to serve through Group Mission Trips (Group)—a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Since 1977, Group has hosted nearly a quarter of a million participants and provided more than six million hours of volunteer service directly to people in need.  Group makes a real difference by serving elderly and disadvantaged people, while also having fun working with friends and meeting other teens from the area.

           “Around one hundred volunteers will descend on Lock 3 to be disbursed to many different locations throughout the city,” noted Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic.  “These volunteers truly make a difference in our city and in the lives of our residents, and I want to thank all the volunteers from Group Mission Trips for choosing to come to Akron.”

          Big Day of Serving in Akron, and the decisions about which locations and projects will be tackled are spearheaded by the ‘My Neighborhood, My Our Akron” task force.   “This task force is very active and involved throughout Akron,” said John Valle, Director of Akron’s Department of Neighborhood Assistance.  “The task force meets regularly with the intention of making Akron a clean and safe environment by organizing and completing projects that include citizen volunteers.”

          This year the groups of volunteers will be doing various projects at many of our Community Centers, Lock 3, and City parks, among other city venues.  Volunteers will be doing general cleaning, painting, planting, mulching, along with other needed tasks.

          “There’s something pretty special about these events,” said Tony Myles, Director of The Big Day of Serving. “From the planning that goes into it through the ‘My Neighborhood, Our Akron’ task force, to the students who show up eager to serve, it’s nothing short of inspiring to watch strangers become co-laborers in bringing a real blessing to Akron.”

           The Media is welcome to join the participants at any of the service locations, or at Lock 3. Those interested in more information about the Big Day of Serving can email Tony Myles at [email protected], or view the group’s official page at,-oh.


For further information, contact:
stephanie york
communications director
Phone: 330-375-2345
E-mail: [email protected]

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