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Award Winning Water Reclamation Facility Seeks Citizensí Help


Illegal Dumping Suspected

City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of stephanie york
Published: 05-15-2015

               The City of Akron’ Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) is having issues with what it suspects to be “illegal dumping” of high quantities of grease into its sewer system, and City officials are asking for help from its residents to identify the offenders.  Recently, the WRF has been experiencing brief, extremely heavy loads of grease coming into our facility that are causing operational problems and equipment damage at its Award Winning Water Reclamation Facility.  These ‘slug’ loads appear to be caused by illegal dumping(s) by an individuals or companies that are in the business of grease transport and disposal.

            A little over two years ago, Akron passed legislation that that regulates discharges of Fats Oils & Grease (FOG).  Since that time, Akron’s Industrial Pretreatment Team has been working closely with the Summit County Health Department, the Sewer Maintenance Collections Department, and the City Plans & Permits Department, in an effort to bring new and existing Food Service Establishments into compliance with the new requirements.  Specifically, there are provisions for installation and upkeep of grease traps or grease interceptors, including the removal of accumulated FOG by an appropriately certified grease hauler.  Haulers then transport the material to a facility that specifically accepts such waste, and is charged a “tipping fee.”

            “This tipping fee is a fairly large component of the cost of business for the hauler, and can lead to some unscrupulous drivers looking for an alternative way to dispose of their load,” said John Moore, Akron’s Service Director.  “Because a large number of the sanitary sewer manholes are in fairly secluded or lightly traveled areas, it is not difficult to imagine some haulers giving in to temptation and simply discharging their load directly into the sanitary sewer collection system.  By the time this load has reached our plant, the hauler has long since left the scene.”

            Akron is asking its citizens to keep their eyes open for unusual activity or placement of grease hauling vehicles (they are clearly marked as such) and to call 311 with the time, date, location, company name, etc., so that the City can then seek to enforce its laws. 

            “The efficient operation of our Water Reclamation Facility is of utmost importance so that we can be good stewards of the environment and maintain clean waterways,” said Moore.   

For further information, contact:
stephanie york
communications director
Phone: 330-375-2345
E-mail: [email protected]

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