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9TH Annual Summit Poll Shows Akron on the Right Track


People Satisfied with City Services

City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of stephanie york
Published: 06-01-2015


            Today, Mayor Plusquellic announced the Akron results of the 9th Annual Summit Poll.  The scientific poll was conducted by CMOR, Center for Marketing & Opinion Research, LLC, and was compared with an iValue Project, Mayor Plusquellic started around a year ago.

            In 2011, the City of Hampton, Virginia’s City Manager started an iValue Campaign  -- her goal was to seek input from its citizens in order to determine the best use of its budget.  Simply, she wanted to gauge what Hampton’s citizens value, what they perceive is lacking, and what they recognize as thriving. 

            Mayor Plusquellic has followed that program throughout the years to see how it’s developed and how, if at all, it could be implemented in Akron.  Last year, after having spent a year vetting ideas and developing questions, Mayor Plusquellic launched iValue Akron.   Plusquellic’s goal was similar to Hampton’s; he wanted a way to reach out to a wide-range of interested citizens, through already established community meetings, and let them take an anonymous survey that gives instant feedback (hand-held opinion polling devices) to determine how Akron is viewed by its citizens in terms of City Services, Public Safety, Employment, and Quality of Life characteristics. 

            Rick Merolla and Warren Woolford (retired City of Akron employees) attended 24 citizen meetings throughout Akron and polled a cross-section of the City, in terms of location, racial make-up, financial stability, and age.  CMOR oversaw the meetings and analyzed and tabulated the results.

            CMOR recently conducted a scientific telephone survey of Summit County residents -- a survey it has conducted for the County for the past 9 years.  This year, Mayor Plusquellic requested them to add a few specific questions to the survey to address Akron specific issues and break-out separately, Akron residents’ responses to all the questions.  This gives a more complete and accurate “snap-shot” of what Akron residents think of city services and investments, such as downtown.  Interestingly, there was not a statistically significant difference in the Summit Poll results and the iValue polling responses. 

            “Despite what a few people may be saying (for their own political reasons and otherwise) about the state of the City and the services we provide,  the majority of Akron residents think positively about our investment in downtown, and are satisfied with the level of services we provide,” said Mayor Don Plusquellic.  “Do we have things we need to work on?  Heck yes.  Are we doing the right things and moving in the right direction? Our citizens say, yes.” 


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