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The City’s Akronite App Generates $3 Million for Local Economy in Under 3 Years


Over 9,000 Users Have Downloaded the App Since its Creation

City of Akron Press Release
From the desk of City of Akron Press Office
Published: 03-30-2023

Akron, Ohio, March 30, 2023 — In August 2020, the City of Akron partnered with developer Colu to launch the Akronite app. The app was designed to support local businesses and promote a stronger circular economy in Akron by encouraging residents to shop locally. In its first three years, the app has generated $3M in local economic activity* and been downloaded by more than 9,000 users.

The Akronite app is fueled by virtual “Blimps” that can be earned by shopping at participating local businesses. Once earned, Blimps can then be redeemed at participating redeeming local businesses. The app is free to download on Apple or Android devices. Users simply download the app, link their card, and start earning when they shop locally. For more about how to use the app, watch the video here.

“Seeing the growth and success of the Akronite app has shown us definitively that people want to support their local businesses here in Akron,” said Deputy Mayor of Integrated Development Sean Vollman. “With the help of Akronite, Akron is at the forefront of economic development through local rewards based apps, and we look forward to seeing that success continue to grow.”

In addition to the strong results achieved so far, the Akronite app has continued to experience steady growth every year since its launch with an average increase of 48% year over year. The growing numbers of new app users and participation among local businesses suggest that the app's success is sustainable, and that it will continue to promote the growth of the local economy in Akron.

The app's innovative use of Blimps has proven to be a particularly effective strategy in encouraging Akron residents to shop locally. The average number of Blimps redeemed at local shops on a yearly basis has steadily increased since the app's launch by over 90%.

The Akronite app has been a resounding success in promoting local businesses and boosting the local economy in Akron. The app's remarkable growth and success underscore the power of collaboration between residents, businesses, and local government in achieving shared goals. As the Akronite app continues to expand and evolve, it is likely to have an even greater impact on the community and serve as a model for similar initiatives across the country.

To learn more or to sign your business up, visit Follow us on Instagram.


*Local economic activity in this case is defined as money spent at local participating businesses by users who have downloaded the app and blimps redeemed amount.

For further information, contact:
Stephanie Marsh
Chief Communications Officer
Phone: 330-375-2754
E-mail: [email protected]

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