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9/21 - Sorry for the long gap between updates.  Barberton Tree is done with trees for this year.  Liberta is picking up tree grindings in Ellet today.  If you have grindings that have been sitting on your lawn strip for a long time, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] 

Starting next week we will begin to remove walks in Ellet.

8/25 - Trees - Barberton Tree is still working on tree removals in Wards 10 and 6.  Liberta Construction is still working on picking up the stump grindings behind Barberton Tree.  There machine broke down on Wednesday this week.  Hopefully they will have it fixed by monday.

Walk Removal - They are finished removing walk in Firestone Park.  By the end of next week they should be done removing walk in East Akron and South Akron and then they will move on to Wards 3 and 4.

Concrete Pours - They are pouring in Firestone Park

8/8 - Sorry for not updating the website in a while.  Liberta Construction has only been working about 2 days a week in Akron.  They are still working in Firestone Park.  The City had a sit down meeting with the foreman and the owner of Liberta and they have promised us that they will start to catch up on the landscaping and starting on Friday they will have an extra crew that will work full time on picking up grindings from trees.  Barberton is still working on finishing removal of trees in Wards 10 and 6.

7/13 - Trees - All trees have been marked.  Barberton tree is jumping all over the city.  They should have all the trees down in the next few weeks.  Liberta is planning on finishing pouring concrete in Kenmore on Monday and starting to pour in Firestone Park.  Excavation and cleaning up the grindings should also continue in Firestone Park on Monday.

6/27 - Liberta Construction is almost ready to start fixing sidewalks. They are working to finish a job in another city. They had a few days last week and they came to Akron and started walks in Kenmore. They are back in the other city this week. They hope to finish that project by Friday and start in Akron full time starting next Monday. If they come back next Monday they should finish Kenmore next week and start in Firestone Park (even with the holiday). Barberton Tree is just about done in wards 8 and 1. Next they will be taking down trees in wards 2 and 5.

6/12 - Currently, It looks like we might start concrete work next week? We are removing trees in the lower section of ward 5 and continuing to remove trees in wards 3 and 4. They may start trees in wards 1 and 8 this week or next. Stump grinding is taking place in ward 7 this week.

5/18 - We may start grinding stumps in Kenmore later next week. We will probably not start removing sidewalks for at least 3 weeks. We now have a map showing all of the address that will be fixed this year. The link to the map is located under additional resoures

5/17 - We are currently taking trees down in wards 3 and 4. The contractor may have the tree contrator start grinding stumps in 2 or 3 weeks (that is subject to change). Next week I will mark trees in wards either in ward 1 or 8 or both.

5/7 - We are continuing to remove trees in ward 7. Tomorrow I will start marking trees is the lower section of ward 5 and Ward 3. We will probably be cutting trees in Firestone Park for one more week.

4/26 - We are having the pre-construction meeting today. Liberta plans to wait at least a month to give Barberton Tree time to get ahead of them. Barberton Tree is still cutting trees in Kenmore and they are starting to cut trees in Firestone Park. I will be marking trees in Firestone Park and South Akron this week.

4/19 - Liberta Construction will be using Barberton Tree for tree removal. They will be starting in the Kenmore Area. I have started to mark trees in the Kenmore area. I will put another post when I find out when Barberton Tree wants to start.

Residential City-Wide Petition Sidewalk Program

The City of Akron has a program to replace an individual homeowner's substandard sidewalks and drive approaches if a residential property owner signs a petition agreeing to pay for a share of the costs. The rates will be locked in at the current rate at the time that the petition is turned in. Currently, we are using the 2009 rates:

Sidewalk $25.25 per front foot
Driveway Apron $3.05 per square foot
Curb (at apron only) $21.25 per front foot
Roof Drain Pipes (sidewalk to curb only) $29.00 each
Retaining Wall (along right of way) $11.00 per square foot

The City will construct the necessary improvements. The City will be responsible for replacing any sidewalk sections damaged by tree roots, provided those trees are in the lawn strip. The City will replace those damaged sidewalk sections and replant the tree at no cost to the property owner.

For additional residential information, click here.

Commercial City-Wide Petition Sidewalk Program

The City of Akron has a program to replace substandard sidewalks and drive approaches at commercial or non owner-occupied residential property (i.e. a rental property or other business). The City will construct the necessary improvements. After the improvements are completed, the property owner shall be assessed 100% of the cost of construction plus the cost of engineering and inspection costs. The City will be responsible for any street tree work required including the re-planting of new street lawn trees at no cost to the property owner.

For additional commercial information, click here.

To sign up for either of the sidewalk programs, please call 311 or visit Akron 311.

For questions about the sidewalk program, call Chuck Hirsch in Engineering at 330-375-2183 or e-mail at [email protected].

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