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The City of Akron as well as the Summit County Dept of Building Standards will review all project being constructed with in the City of Akron.

Required at time of submittal

  1. Apply for an address through the Address Request Portal
  2. Summit County Dept. of Building Standards Application
  3. Full Electronic set of plans
    1. Provide a new address certificate
    2. Title Sheet
    3. Civil
    4. Architectural
    5. Structural
    6. Plumbing
    7. Mechanical
    8. Electrical
  4. Deposit for type of project
  5. W-9 Form (needed for City Finance Dept. to issue refund)

Can be submitted separate from initial submittal

  1. Summit Soil Water Conservation District Approval (Needed for all projects exceeding 1 acre in disturbance
  2. Fire alarm and Fire Suppression
  3. Signage Package and City Signage Application

Required prior to issuance of Permits

  1. Performance Bond
    1. Will need to be in the amount of the estimated cost of work within the Right-of-Way or $10,000, whichever is larger
  2. City of Akron Contractor Registration
  3.  W-9 Form (needed for City Finance Dept. to issue refund)
  4. List of Sub-Contractors that will be working on project

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Mayor Don  Plusquellic

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