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The Street Lighting Section is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Akron's street lighting system. The system consists of street lights on city streets and expressway lighting on State Route 8 and State Route 59. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is responsible for operation and maintenance of interstate highway lighting within Akron.

Street Lighting Service Requests


To report problems with existing street lights (non-expressway) in Akron, please contact Ohio Edison at 800-633-4766 or online at Ohio Edison owns and does any necessary repairs to most of the street lights in Akron. Those repairs happen faster if the problem is reported to Ohio Edison directly.

To report problems with expressway lighting in Akron, please contact Joe Kunzler at [email protected], 330-375-2355.

If you live on a street with street lighting and are not satisfied with the nighttime visibility, the City may be able to help you by installing an additional street light on an existing wood utility pole near your property frontage.  If you are presently paying the standard street lighting assessment on your property taxes then you will not be charged for the new light.

If you are not paying the street lighting assessment, but are interested in lighting your unlit street, the city will send you a petition form to be signed by all interested property owners on your street, that want street lighting and are willing to pay a special assessment.

Please email Joe Kunzler at [email protected] for assessment rates, new light installations and/or general street lighting questions.

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