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Source Water Protection and Watershed Security

Source Water Protection Program

Akron Watershed Rangers and Field Analysts work diligently to monitor the entire Watershed .

What Akron Watershed Division does to protect the Upper Cuyahoga River Watershed:

  • Field analysts sample physical and chemical characteristics of the river and major tributaries regularly
  • Field analysts and watershed rangers monitor all EPA National Pollutant Discharge Eliminations Systems (NPDES) permitted throughout the watershed including waste water treatment plants and industries that discharge any byproducts into a waterway
  • Analysts and Rangers also monitor potential pollution sources including oil wells and storage facilities, agricultural runoff, construction and hazardous materials sites and sand and gravel operations
  • Work with local municipalities and agencies to identify and prevent runoff and potential pollution sources


Security of the dams, reservoirs, water treatment plant and other watershed facilities is critical to Akron’s ability to continuously provide an ample supply of water to the nearly 300,000 area residents who drink Akron water. Fencing, surveillance cameras, ranger patrols and agreements with local authorities all combine together to provide security to Akron’s water supply system extending over three counties.

Akron’s security and emergency response plans have been developed using Homeland Security guidelines. All Water Supply staff are trained to respond to threats and emergencies through FEMA National Incident Management System training. Motion sensor and night vision equipped security systems have been installed at all reservoirs and maintenance facilities for around the clock surveillance.

Some areas of Akron’s lands are restricted not for security purposes but for conservation and preservation of natural areas which may protect threatened and endangered species of fish, invertebrates and plants. Please respect areas that are labeled as “No Trespassing” to assist in the preservation of these natural sanctuaries.

Limited access for recreation to East Branch, LaDue and Mogadore Reservoirs is permitted with assistance from the Geauga Parks District, Bayhill Enterprises and the ODNR. There is absolutely no access to Lake Rockwell Reservoir.

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