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Lake Rockwell and Lake Pippen

Lake Rockwell Reservoir

Lake Rockwell Reservoir, constructed in 1915 and located primarily in Franklin Township and Streetsboro, is the primary source of Akron’s drinking water supply. Because of this, Lake Rockwell and the surrounding areas are highly restricted.

There is absolutely no trespassing, no fishing or recreation permitted at Lake Rockwell at any time. By restricting the lands surrounding the waters of Lake Rockwell Akron is able to ensure the protection of the source waters.

Lake Pippen

Lake Pippen, located within Towner’s Woods, is a natural glacially formed kettle lake that is protected by the City of Akron. Lake Pippen has been designated as a lake of the highest water quality by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency in 1998. Lake Pippen is home to endangered and threatened species of fish and Ohio native plant species.

The shorelines have been designated as a “No Trespassing” wildlife preservation area to protect the quality of Lake Pippen and the fragile ecosystems that support these endangered species. In addition to the shoreline restriction there is absolutely no swimming, boating or fishing permitted at Lake Pippen or in Towner’s Woods.

Lake Rockwell and Lake Pippen are considered "no contact” lakes. Swimming for both humans and pets is prohibited.

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