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February 2017   

Stacey Millward began her career with the Akron Police Department on August 6, 2007 as an Account Clerk II in the Record Room.  While assigned to the Record Room, she became an expert in completing the attendance and overtime for 500 employees.  She also prepared spreadsheets for the time for officers in the schools and wiling worked whatever hours were needed to ensure payroll was completed on time so that co-workers would receive their correct pay.

 Stacey transferred to the Narcotics Unit on June 29, 2011.  Although on paper, she is assigned to only one unit, she is the Administrative Assistant for the whole Anti-Violence Bureau (AVB) – Narcotics, Street Narcotics Uniform Detail and Gangs/Street Crimes.  She also assists the Clandestine Lab Enforcement Team (CLET), Anti-Violence Bureau Commander and Vice Captain. In addition to the units within the police department, STACEY works closely with members of the Summit County Drug Unit, Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

 Stacey was promoted to Account Clerk III on December 31, 2012 due to her increasing volume of work and her ability to handle all tasks given to her with ease and professionalism.  On April 9, 2014, her title was changed to Administrative Assistant III. 

 Some of Stacey’s job functions include but are not limited to: tracking and maintaining statistics for the quarterly and year-end reporting to the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program; creating and updating the records for all arrests made by AVB members and following the arrests through to conviction and sentencing; maintaining a case tracking system for nuisance letters, complaint locations and billing for methamphetamine lab clean ups; maintaining databases that contain information regarding search warrants and drugs seized; and providing the proper documentation to the City’s Law Department regarding public record request.  STACEY is also instrumental in assisting with the training of personnel new to the AVB.

 Stacey worked closely with the police department’s Property Room to develop a way to label all AVB evidence to assist in tracking it within the system by both units (AVB and Property Room).  This new system allows AVB to track and properly dispose of evidence after adjudication in court and after the proper retention period.

 Stacey is considered the glue that holds the AVB together.  To say that she is organized and on top of things is an understatement.  She is a fantastic employee who always has a positive attitude.  STACEY works well with supervisors and the detectives assigned to the AVB and CLET. Everyone loves her quick wit and she is a joy to be around.  She is a perfect fit and true blessing to the bureau. 

 Stacey grew up in Akron and is a graduate of Archbishop Hoban High School.  She has been married to Danny for 15 years.  They have a son, Dominic, who just celebrated his 11th birthday.  STACEY loves to camp, play darts and spend time with her family.

 It is a pleasure to honor Stacey Millward as an outstanding employee and great asset to the Akron Police Department and the City of Akron.


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