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Richard Welser
Department of Safety
Investigative Sub-Division
August 2017

Richard is currently assigned as a detective in the Investigative Sub-Division, Property Crimes Unit.  He investigates and arrests individuals who have committed burglaries, breaking and entering incidents as well as felony thefts.  He investigates incidents in Districts 11 – Middlebury/University of Akron/East Akron area, and 12 – Highland Square/West Market Street area.

Richard is over a 23½-year veteran of the police division.  He has been assigned to the Property Crimes Unit for 2 years.  Richard quickly learned the job and maintains a positive clearance rate.  He is efficient and timely with his contacts and follow up.  He maintains a professional demeanor that gives his customers confidence and a sense of security. 

Richard stays up to date on the use of internet investigative tools and is willing to share his knowledge with others.  He does not need to be asked to help; he simply steps up and begins doing what needs to be done and then passes on what he learns.  He does not seek credit for his efforts, only to better serve the community. 

Richard keeps an ear to others investigations to aid in tying suspects to multiple crimes and other people of interest.  He also mentors new people to the unit and acts as a trainer; he seeks out learning opportunities to share with less experienced personnel.


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