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2000 - 2049
2000  Population 217,074
September 10, Akron celebrates its 175th anniversary of its founding.
Bill Clinton is President
2001  Following the September 11th terrorist attack on the New York City World Trade Centers, Akron and its surrounding communities start a Fire Truck Fund. Nearly 55,000 people donate $1.39 million. The fund is used to purchase a $989,000 95-foot Seagrave ladder truck, two EMS vehicles and three SUV police cruisers. The new fire truck is dedicated, in Akron, to the New York City Fire Department on October 29. 
George W. Bush is President
2003  On May 6, 64 percent of Akron voters approve an increase in the city's income tax of one-quarter of one percent, to be used exclusively for the construction of Community Learning Centers. Akron becomes the first city in Ohio to achieve its local match for the Ohio School Facilities Commission with an income tax instead of a property tax. The $268 million raised locally will be matched by $406 million from state tobacco funds. Akron's schools will be rebuilt over the next 15 years.
The war in Iraq, intended to depose Saddam Hussein, is winding down. This war closely follows the war to unseat the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Both wars are part of the ongoing war on terrorism.
2008  For the third time in its history, the City of Akron is named an "All-America City" by the National Civic League at its annual competition held in Tampa, Florida. Akron Mayor Don Plusquellic accepts the award on behalf of the city and its residents. 
George W. Bush is in his final months as President.
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan continue.
Barack Obama becomes the first African-American President of the United States.

Goodyear Blimp over Downtown Akron

Goodyear Blimp over Downtown Akron

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