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1950 - 1999
1950  Population 274,605
Harry S. Truman is President
The Korean War begins
A computer was first used to tally a census
The first modern credit card is introduced

1951  Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders is born on September 7.
1953  Akron Children's Zoo was started.
On July 17, WAKR-TV goes on the air.
1955  The original, world-renowned Tangier Restaurant opens for business. 
1956  Vocalist James Ingram is born on February 16.
1960  Population 290,351

1961  Cascade Plaza is built.
John F. Kennedy is President
Yuri Gagarin, a Russian, is the first man in space
Freedom Riders challenge segregation on interstate buses
The Berlin Wall is built

1963  Ruby and The Romantics hit number one with "Our Day Will Come."
1964  Three people are killed when Tallmadge Parkway collapses after a downpour. The road is renamed Memorial Parkway.
1965  Summit Mall opens October 28.
1967  Chapel Hill Mall opens October 12.
 Melina Kanakaredes (star of NBC's  hit show "Providence") is born in Akron on April 23.
1968  On July 17, a disturbance at a custard stand near Wooster Avenue becomes six days of disorder. Property damage exceeds $100,000, 40 are injured, 400 are arrested and more than 1,000 National Guardsmen are called in to assist.
1969  Angie Everhart, supermodel-turned-actress, is born in Akron on September 7.
1970  Population 275,425

1973  E.J. Thomas Hall opens October 9.
 Richard M. Nixon is President
The Watergate investigations begin
We receive pictures from Pioneer 10 of Jupiter
The last American forces leave Vietnam
Abortion is legalized in the U.S.

1975  Rolling Acres Mall opens.
1977  The musical group DEVO emerges.
On June 23, a sewer explosion in West Akron (near Glendale Cemetery) causes $10 million in damages.
1980  Population 237,177
Construction begins on the All-American Y Bridge, which will soon replace the dangerously deteriorated North Hill Viaduct.
Jimmy Carter is President
Mount St. Helens erupts
John Lennon is shot and killed

1981  Akron is voted All-America City by the National Civic League.
1986  On January 28, Firestone High School graduate Judith Resnik is among seven crewmembers killed when the space shuttle Challenger explodes on takeoff.
1987  Buchtel High School graduate Rita Dove wins the Pulitzer Prize for poetry.
1988  Hoban High graduate Butch Reynolds wins the silver medal in the 400-meter dash during the 1988 Olympics.
1990  Population 223,019
The $17 million Goodyear Polymer Science Center opens.
George Bush is President
Iraq invades Kuwait, which leads to the Gulf War
The Hubble Telescope is launched into space

1994  John S. Knight Center opens downtown, June 21.
1995  Once again, Akron is voted all American City by the National Civic League July 20 - The National Inventors Hall of Fame is dedicated.
1996  September 10, Akron becomes the first community of the World Wide Web to get high-speed Internet Access via Time Warner Road Runner.
1997  Canal Park, home of the Akron Aeros, opens April 10.
On December 3, President Bill Clinton comes to Akron for a televised meeting to launch a national discussion on race.

1962 Main Street Akron

1962 Main Street Akron

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