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1900 - 1949

1900  Population 42,620 
Rioting in Akron turns the City Building and Columbia Hall into smoldering ruins. 
Harvey S. Firestone comes to Akron.
William McKinley is President
A hurricane hits Galveston, Texas, killing more than 6,000 of its 36,000 inhabitants
Sigmund Freud publishes The Interpretation of Dreams 

1905  Harvey Firestone agrees to supply tires for cars produced by Henry Ford. 

1906  May 19, Portage Country Club opens at Portage Path and Twin Oaks Road. 

1910  Population 69,067
William H. Taft is President
Mark Twain dies
Boy Scouts are established in the U.S. 

1912  Stan Hywet Hall (Old English for "Stone Quarry") was built between 1912 and 1915 by F.A. and Gertrude Seiberling. 
Ten Akron residents are among the passengers of the ill-fated Titanic on April 14, 1912. Two perish, eight survive. 

1913  A major storm strikes on Easter Sunday, March 23, following record winter snowfalls. The storm starts in Omaha, Nebraska and rapidly moves through the Midwest. Akron's total rainfall is recorded at 9.55 inches. The resulting "Great Flood" kills five in Akron and destroys the Ohio & Erie Canal, abruptly ending the canal system. 

1915  General Tire comes to Akron. 
August 15, Akron begins operating a water system. Lake Rockwell, named after Mayor Frank Rockwell, will still be Akron's water source in the 21st century. 

1916  The current "home base" for Goodyear airship operations at nearby Wingfoot Lake is considered the "Kitty Hawk of Lighter-Than-Air." The historic hangar and field have served continuously as a military and civilian airship base since then. 

1917  More than fifty interested citizens gathered to give birth to the Akron branch of the NAACP. Mr. "Cap" Herring was elected the first president of the branch. 
Nearly 9,000 area men are inducted as the United States enters World War I. 
On December 23, Guy Norris becomes the first Akron policeman to die in the line of duty. 

1919  Playing for the Akron Indians, Fritz Pollard becomes one of the first African-Americans to play professional football. He also becomes the first black quarterback and the first black head coach in the National Football League, for the Akron Indians, in 1921. 

1920  Population 208,435
Warren G. Harding is President 
The 19th Amendment, voting rights for women, goes into effect
KDKA in Pittsburgh is the first station to initiate regular broadcasts 

1921  Television personality Hugh Downs is born on February 14. 
Emmer Martin Lancaster becomes the first African-American to graduate from the University of Akron. He will eventually serve 28 years as special assistant to the U.S. Commerce Secretary in Washington, D.C. 

1922  The Akron Art Museum, then called Akron Art Institute, opened in two rooms on the ground floor of the Akron Public Library on East Market Street on February 1. 
John L. Suddieth becomes Akron's first black policeman. 
Akron's first licensed radio station, WOE, goes on the air in April 1922 
The North Hill Viaduct is completed in 1922, creating the first direct connection from downtown to North Hill. 

1923  Our Lady of the Elms is founded by the Sisters of St. Dominic in 1923. 

1925  Firestone Stadium opens. 

1928  The city of Kenmore, population 20,000, is annexed by voter approval on November 6. 

1929  The historic Akron Civic Theatre is built as a Lowe's Theme Theatre. It is one of five remaining atmospheric theatres in the United States and is recently underwent new construction, renovation and restoration. 
The 27-story First National Tower becomes Akron's first skyscraper. 
The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company builds an air dock 22 stories high next to the four-year-old Akron Municipal Airport. 

1930  Population 255,040
Roadway Express moved its first shipment of tires from Akron to St. Louis. 
Herbert C. Hoover is President
The Great Depression is underway
Pluto is discovered
Sliced bread becomes available 

1935  Henrietta Seiberling introduces Dr. Bob Smith of Akron to stockbroker Bill Wilson in the Gate Lodge of Stan Hywet Hall. The two men will form Alcoholics Anonymous, which marks its official beginning as June 10, 1935. 
On August 12, the All-American Soap Box Derby comes to Akron. 

1940  Population 244,791 

1941  Akron market becomes known as the West Point Market when it moves west to its present location in 1941. 
Franklin D. Roosevelt is President
Japan launches a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor
Mount Rushmore is completed
The Jeep is invented

1942  Punk-rock guitarist Robert Quine is born on December 30. 

1949  Donald L. Plusquellic, who will become Akron's longest-serving mayor, is born on July 3. 

1920 Pre-Polsky City Lot

1920 Pre-Polsky City Lot

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