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1850 - 1899
1850  Population 3,266
Millard Fillmore is President
Hawthorne publishes The Scarlet Letter

1851  Sojourner Truth addresses a women's rights convention meeting in the Old Stone Church and makes what has become known as her "Ain't I a Woman?" speech.
1852  The first train arrives in Akron.
1870  Population 10,006
John R. Buchtel founds Buchtel College, which becomes the University of Akron.
Ulysses S. Grant is President
The territory of Utah gives full suffrage to women

1871  Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich moves his rubber factory to Akron from Melrose, New York.
Hower House is built in 1871 by John Henry Hower, an organizer of Excelsior Mower and Reaper Co. in Doylestown and a principal in Turner Oatmeal Mill.

1876  Roetzel & Andress, Akron's oldest law firm, is founded.
1879  On August 15, Akron Telephonic Exchange opens, providing Akron's first 60 customers with telephone service.
1881  A health department is developed in 1881, with Dr. A.A. Kohler as its first Health Officer.
1883  The Herdic, Akron's first trolley, begins running along Howard and Main streets.
1886  Thomas Edison marries Mina Miller in Akron on February 24.
1890  Population 27,601
Benjamin Harrison is President
Yosemite Park is created by Act of Congress

1892  Dr. Samuel Bartges' converted homestead becomes Akron City Hospital.
1898  Akron City Council passes an Ordinance creating the Akron Police Department, which did away with the governing Marshal system.
J.C. Steese starts the Akron Lamp Company (1898-1949). The company begins in a single room on High Street making 8 lamps per day.  By 1935, the company (by now called the Akron Lamp & Manufacturing Company) was producing 200,000 "Diamond" brand lamps, lanterns, stoves and irons per day.

1858 Howard and Market Streets

1858 Howard and Market Streets

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