Hosting An Event In The City

Hosting An Event In The City

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Interested in having an event in the City?  

A community event is any event that is open to the public and which uses property of the City of Akron. An application must be processed for each community event and written approval must be received from the City of Akron before a public announcement of the event can be made. Use of the showmobile, city equipment and personnel is limited to events approved by the City. City fees may be waived in whole or in part for city-sponsored or co-sponsored events. 

The first step is to complete a community event application and return it for processing and approval.  All applications are reviewed by a committee that includes the Akron Fire Department, Akron Police Department, the Department of Neighborhood Assistance, the Office of Integrated Development, and the Service Director’s Office.  After your event has received approval, the Community Event Coordinator will work with your organization for any city services required for your event.

Community Event Application
The 2024 applications will be posted shortly.  Please check back to complete the application.

2024 Community Event Application

2024 Showmobile Application

The showmobile (city’s mobile stage) can only be used for City approved, sponsored, or co-sponsored events.  This is the stage that is used for the Summer Concert Series in the parks.  The showmobile is towed to each location and should only be used for events that require a very large stage.  

Please return your completed application(s) to

Film Permits
Interested in using city property to film your upcoming project?  Please complete a film permit for processing and approval.

Film Permit Application