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The sewer collection system for the City of Akron includes the sanitary, storm, and combined sewer systems which collect and transport sanitary and combined sewage to the Akron Water Pollution Control Station on Akron-Peninsula Road, or storm water to points of stream discharge. The system consists of main sewer lines, manholes, inlets, inlet leads, lateral connections, combined sewer overflow racks and overflows, pump stations, force mains, and retention tanks. The Sewer Maintenance Division also maintains ditches that receive storm water from City-standard storm sewers.

The Sewer Maintenance Division also operates and maintains sanitary sewers and pump stations constructed by the City of Akron in the Joint Economic Development Districts in Bath, Copley, Coventry, and Springfield Townships.

The sewer system includes 1,392 miles of sewer (701 miles of sanitary sewers, 382 miles of storm sewers, 179 miles of combined sewers, 130 miles of inlet lead connections), 28,853 manholes, 22,309 inlets, 32 pump stations, and one (1) combined sewer retention tank.


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