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Water Distribution Division


The Akron Water Department provides metering services, water service and meter maintenance, backflow prevention regulation, potable water supply, and water distribution operation and maintenance for approximately 300,000 customers for all City of Akron residents including the surrounding communities of Fairlawn, Mogadore, a portion of Hudson and Copley, and the Joint Economic Development Districts in Bath, Copley, Coventry, and Springfield Townships. Additionally, Water Distribution serves Great Lakes Canning in Twinsburg Township, and miscellaneous customers in Boston Township and Cuyahoga Falls. Akron also provides water to Stow, Summit Co., and Tallmadge on a wholesale basis.


The Akron Water Distribution System is comprised of the underground network of water force mains, transmission mains, feeder mains, local mains and their associated valves, fire hydrants, service connections, reservoirs, pump stations and water tanks. Finished water is pumped from the Akron Water Supply plant in Kent Ohio, approximately 11 miles, through 3 separate Force Mains ranging in size from 36” to 54”, to two (2) main storage reservoirs within the City of Akron corporate limits. Maximum capacity of the 2 main reservoirs is 37.2 million, which provide normal service pressure to approximately 60% of the distribution area. Approximately 40% of the water service area requires boosted pressure via the utilization of 12 pump stations and elevated storage from 3 elevated tanks and 6 standpipes.

The water distribution system contains approximately 1,225 miles of water mains (including 43.1 miles of force mains), ranging in size from 4 inches to 54 inches in diameter, approximately 94,000 active water services, 30,576 valves and 12,549 fire hydrants.

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