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Welcome to the LOCK 3 Summer Arts Experience! Welcome to the LOCK 3 Summer Arts Experience!

About the program...

The Lock 3 Summer Arts Experience is Mayor Dan Horrigan’s way of extending a unique opportunity for young people to explore the arts. Such opportunities are often provided to students that excel in athletics and academics, but seldom offered to those with artistic interests.  It is an opportunity for students to cultivate their own artistic well-being and explore the many facets of art in our community.

The Lock 3 Summer Arts Experiences is a City of Akron art workshop designed for Akron area students between the ages of 14 and 17.  Students that are accepted in to the program will be required to work 60 hours over a four week time period, specializing in one of five disciplines, including visual and performing arts, that is determined during their interview.  The Lock 3 Summer Arts Experience projects will take place at Lock 3 in downtown Akron or a local Akron community center. Off-site field trips are occasionally included in the Summer Arts program.

If you look around Akron, many of the art projects were created by the Summer Arts Experience apprentices.  In order to be selected as an apprentice, you must apply (application will be posted soon) and interview for a position.  When the program is complete and the apprentice has fulfilled their responsibilities, individuals will have learned valuable work experience and resume content as well as building their own network of professionals.


Our mission

Our mission is to provide work readiness training and meaningful education in the arts to Akron’s youth; to create a mentoring program between youth and established artists; to create public awareness of the importance of arts and arts education; and to foster our cultural awareness and promote the greater Akron community.


Components for 2017

Session I - the following components will take place from June 12 - July 14, skipping the week of July 3-7)

  • Neighborhood Posts - Lead Artist: Steve Csejtey - Create sculptural art pieces in designating specific neighborhoods within the City.  Posts will be placed in North Hill and other areas.
  • Graphic Design - Lead Artist: Matt Weiss - Use computer skills in order to design street pole banners that will be placed on Copley Road in West Akron.
  • Printmaking - Lead Artist: Claire Marks - Create linocut prints in creative collage designs.  These designs will be transferred on to prints to decorate traffic boxes or window dressings in Ellet and across the city.

Session II - the following components will take place from July 17 - August 11

  • Steel Drums - Lead Artist: Matt Dudack - If you love music, this is the component for you.  No experience necessary!  By the end of the program, the group will perform as the opening act for all of the Summer Concerts in the parks.
  • Kenmore Mural - Lead Artist: Matt Miller - A large mural representing the spirit of music and the steel drums of Trindad will be painted on the Panyard Inc. building in Kenmore. 
  • Functional Mosaic Art - Lead Artist: Alison Rich - Create mosaic tables, chairs and accessories that will be placed in future play area for the children of Goodyear Heights.  You will learn how to use mixed mediums to collage and creae beautiful designs.


All 6 components will work on-site at Lock 3 completing their projects until it is time for the installation.



2017 Neighborhood Art Celebrations

The Neighborhood Art Celebration is an opportunity for each community to embrace their local arts and cultivate individual’s artistic knowledge, while fostering the individual community awareness as well as the greater Akron art culture.

Each ward will have an evening to celebrate their local arts.  It will include interactive projects that will stay in your community to help increase art awareness as well as projects that you can take home.  Projects will include visual arts, educational arts, music, and sustainable arts.  Everyone is invited to join in and make your neighborhood beautiful!

See Neighborhood Art Celebration content for dates and projects!

Summer Arts Experience

200 South Main Street

Akron, Ohio 44308

Klair Heestand, Program Coordinator


[email protected]


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2017 Apprentice Application - Click image above to apply

2017 Apprentice Application - Click image above to apply

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