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Carrie Sidoti
Department of Public Safety
Investigative Sub-Division
February 2016

Carrie Sidoti began her career with the City of Akron in 1995 as a clerical intern in Environmental Health at the Health Department.  She transferred to the police department in August 1996, where she first worked in the Record Room.  Carrie also worked as a Uniform Administration Secretary.  She is currently assigned to the Crimes Against Persons Unit.

Carrie was promoted to a Secretary II on January 26, 1998.  On March 16, 2015, she was promoted to an Administrative Assistant III, a promotion that was greatly deserved due to the volume of work and her professionalism in completing her assigned tasks.  On March 14, 2016, CARRIE received a 20-year service pin from Chief Nice at a presentation attended by a number of her colleagues and supervisors.

Carrie handles the secretarial duties of 3 shifts – days, General Assignment 3PM-11PM and General Assignment 11PM-7AM.  Some of her job functions include but are not limited to:  being the liaison for phone/text subpoenas for all investigative units; handling very sensitive case documentation for violent crime cases ranging from homicides to sexual assaults; transcribing confidential interviews; serving as the liaison with judges, defense attorneys, the medical examiner’s office and the prosecutor’s office; maintaining all major crimes’ case tracking assignments; and providing up-to-date information for detectives during active scene investigations.

Carrie has all of the abilities and investigative skills of any detective in the police department.  She always has an incredible knowledge of active investigations is able to answer any questions about cases on all three shifts.  She has become somewhat of an expert on obtaining and analyzing phone records and obtaining information from the social media.  In the past year alone, information that she has obtained was used to solve a quadruple homicide and two armed robberies.  Recently Carrie guided the Northeast Ohio Violent Fugitive Task Force in tracking down a homicide suspect who was arrested in Willoughby, Ohio.  A Task Force Detective credited her in leading them to the location of the suspect through her use of phone records. 

Carrie is the main link between the three shifts and is always ready to help anyone in the police department and other law enforcement agencies.  Her outstanding work ethic and dedication to her job has been recognized by officers, supervisors, and prosecutors not only in Akron, but throughout the state of Ohio as well. 

Carrie grew up in Akron and is a graduate of Kenmore High School.  CARRIE has been married to Joe, an Akron Reserve Officer, for seven years.  They have two children – Kenny, who is six years old, and Callie, who is four years old.  Carrie’s favorite thing to do spend time with her family.

It is a pleasure to honor Carrie Sidoti as an employee and great asset to the Akron Police Department and the City of Akron.

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